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Hey, I'm Annie!

Your certified manifestation +

spiritual life coach.


My journey into conscious living began when I discovered our abilities to manifest the life our heart truly desires. 

Since then, I have consistently practiced the Art of Manifestation, received my coaching certification from Hungry for Happiness, and I've transformed thousands of lives through my videos, workshops, and programs.


I work with women (and men!) who are looking to transform their energy,

 manifest their visions with ease,

and create a reality that is on their own terms,

with the wisdom of your higher self + the joy of your inner child!


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"Annie helped me reconnect to my body and my emotions. I achieved a lot with my old way of being, but something felt off. Through working with her I realized that I cut off a big part of myself. She helped me tap back into a greater sense of wholeness that I needed. Working with Annie changed the trajectory of my life from good to great. This process is perfect for someone who knows that something is off in their life, but isn't quite sure what and knows that they want their shift to be anchored in genuine positivity and self-compassion. She provides that for you so you can learn how to give it to yourself!  I would absolutely recommend Annie to a friend!"


"My session with Annie came at a time in my life I didn't even know how much I needed it until our call. I was feeling stuck, unmotivated, and in a bit of a rut.

I went in expecting an oracle card reading (which I still got and was spot on!) but I left with a renewed sense of self, and feeling a ton lighter, which was such a relief after feeling dragged down for so long.

Annie reminded me of things within myself that I thought I had lost. I left with more confidence in myself and my decisions. she was able to pull things out of me that I didn't even know were there- which was amazing.

It's been around a week since our session and I'm honestly still feeling better each day. Our call was really the gift that keeps on giving!"


 "I'm so happy I booked a session with Annie! In only 30 minutes, Annie helped me understand why I feel blocked and fatigued, and what I need to do to conserve and recharge my energy.

She also helped me find what brings me balance and harmony. I'd struggled for several months, trying to figure out what makes me happy and aligned, and Annie was able to give me so much clarity on my path in our short time together. After the session, I felt hopeful and focused, and had the faith in myself that I can do what was in my heart and that my desires are in my heart for a reason. I'm finally taking action that I've been afraid to take all this time, and with Annie's help, I feel confident and trusting in the universe to support me.

Annie has a gift for connecting with people and helping them understand their energy, and how to listen to our intuition. Thank you Annie for all of your help and guidance throughout our session!"



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